Share Trade Process

Once a shareholder wishing to add to their current investment connects with a redeeming shareholder and an agreement on the number of shares to trade has been reached, either party can complete their respective section of the share trade documentation and deliver to the remaining party for their completion and execution.

Once the documentation is completed in its entirety the fully executed documentation is delivered to Sierra for approval by the Directors.

Upon the Directors approval, certified funds in the name of the redeeming shareholder are delivered to Sierra at which time the original share certificate is transferred to the purchasing shareholder and funds then delivered to the redeeming shareholder.

Due to the complexity in calculating dividends when a trade transpires mid-quarter, we have elected to restrict trades to be completed at the end of each quarter to eliminate the potential for error.

Important to note, though regular redemption rules apply to traded shares, there is a 4 month and 1-day restriction on reselling the purchased shares.