Points of Interest Offering Memorandum

• Our legal team has prepared the appropriate documentation to allow shareholders to trade shares amongst each other.
See “Trade” information under the Investor tab of our website for more information or give us a call;

• Minimum share trade $100.00 though minimum increments of $1,000.00 are encouraged;

• Shareholders purchasing issued shares from a redeeming shareholder may not trade with another purchasing shareholder before the expiry 4 months and a day from the date of purchase;

• A Redeeming Shareholder must give written notice to the Company of their intention to redeem and each notice must indicate the number of Shares to be redeemed (the “Notice”). The Company shall redeem the Shares specified in the Notice on December 31 in the calendar year in which Notice is given, if the Notice is given prior to or on June 30 of such calendar year or, if Notice is given after June 30 of such calendar year, on June 30 of the following calendar year (each of such days being a “Redemption Date”), by payment of the Redemption Price. The Company may waive notice of redemption by instrument in writing. Plainly stated, excluding any general exceptions to the rule, redemptions are honored twice annually, June 30 and December 31 each with a minimum of 6 months’ notice required;

• Redeeming Shareholders who allow their information (limited to name, number of shares redeeming, phone number/email address) to be shared with purchasing Shareholders may have the opportunity to receive their redemptions prior to the Redemption Date;

• Shareholders are required to include any taxable dividends (other than a capital gains dividend) received on their Class “A” Shares in a taxation year in income in the year as interest income;

• As a shareholder of the Company you will receive a brief quarterly financial report, prepared by management, along with the quarterly distribution of dividends. You will also receive audited Review Engagement financial statements of the Company annually in accordance with the Corporation Act. You will not be given notice of nor be entitled to attend general meetings of the holders of the outstanding Common shares of the Company. However, you will be given notice of and be entitled to attend informal annual information meetings of the holders of Class “A” Redeemable Preferred Shares;